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Human Horizons is the latest Chinese EV startup

07 November 2018 | by Michael Gooderham

China’s urge to lead the electric revolution has given us another start-up EV company. Human Horizons, part of Huaren Technologies, has unveiled two concept cars to demonstrate its intended “Human-Oriented” design direction. Conceived under the direction of ex-Ford designer Riaz Sherazee, they are the ‘Concept A’ personal city car and the ‘Concept H’ three-seater monovolume.

Concept A 01.jpg

Human Horizons Concept Active-Agility

The quadricycle-style Concept A (A for Active Agility) is described as a “passenger capsule” that exists as part of a broader city mobility system and can be “personified on demand” to help the occupant stay connected to their online social bubble.

Concept A 04.jpg

Designed to be as small as practically possible, it has almost zero front or rear overhang and, while there are no interior photos out, is clearly only wide enough to be a single seater – a 1+1 at most. The rear wheel fairing fades into transparency to allow the turbine-esque wheel design to show through, while a panoramic windscreen is contrasted by a lack of side windows. Blade-like head and tail lights feature a Y-shaped pattern on their top surfaces.

Concept H 05.jpg

Human Horizons Hypervelocity

The larger Concept H (H for Hypervelocity) is packaged around a 2+1 seating layout – a ‘reverse Speedtail’, if you will – and can be driven from any of the three seats, thanks to a drive-by-wire facilitated removable steering wheel.

Concept H 06.jpg

The body features deep aerodynamic channelling, with the full-length windscreen sitting above a catamaran-esque main central structure allowing air in behind the front wheels and through an open section of the dihedral doors, after which it tucks in similarly behind the rear wheels to exit below a bridge of LED lighting which defines the outer body’s trailing edges.

Concept H 07.jpg

This is plainly an EV design which takes full and aggressive advantage of its flatter, more flexible mechanical package instead of disguising itself as a more conventional car.

Human Horizons also debuted its RE05 prototype, with an exoskeleton aesthetic and wheel-hub motors.


The company will aim not only to develop vehicles, but the systems around how they operate, particularly in cities. Their ‘3-Smart’ strategy will, as the name almost suggests, focus on 5 things: ‘smart’ vehicle development; charging and resource-sharing; an ‘Internet of Vehicles’ and open-platform autonomy; ‘smart’ transportation apps, and finally ‘smart’ city development.